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Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains at dawn. Reflection of the lake house and Victoria Glacier.

Lakehouse at Dawn 30 sec, f/9, ISO 100

The air was just below zero degrees (C) as we walked down to the shore of Lake Louise. In these early days of the fall season, the afternoons were still warm while the mornings had a wintry feel - cool and crisp, especially up in the mountains. It was still dark when we arrived, about an hour before sunrise. The frigid air was calm, with the surface of the lake creating a perfect reflection of the mountains. A fire was burning in front of the lakehouse, ready to welcome early risers to take one of the red canoes out in time to catch sunrise on the lake.

We were out of bed by 5 AM that morning. The drive to this incredibly popular spot in the Canadian Rockies was about an hour or so from the town of Canmore where we were staying. The road was mostly dark, with little artificial lighting along the way, save for the rare pair of tail lights ahead of us. We knew we were driving through some of the most marvellous mountain landscapes but could not see much other than the slice of road lit by our car's headlights. The temperature was steadily dropping as we drove north and gained altitude. Once parked, we packed our bags, bundled up and started making way to the lake.

It was about a half hour before sunrise when the snow cap of Victoria Glacier began lighting up against the deep blue sky. I was captivated by the sight, barely noticing the people beginning to gather around us at the rocks. The view was incredible, the clear sky a blessing.

Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains at dawn, with Victoria Glacier reflected in the water.

Glacier Glow 30 sec, f/9, ISO 100

The morning light enhanced the mirror-like reflection in the calm surface of Lake Louise, with the water a deep blue matching the clear sky above it. As the sun rose higher up, spilling shades of pink across the mountain tops, the glacial lake began to take a turquoise hue.

Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains at sunrise. First light on the Victoria Glacier reflected in the water, rocky shore in the foreground.

Golden Hour 0.4 sec, f/13, ISO 100

As dawn turned into day, the lake took its iconic turquoise colour. The air was finally beginning to warm up as I packed up my camera gear and we walked down the shoreline to the forest's edge to start our planned hike to Agnes Lake and up to the Big Beehive.

Turquoise waters of Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the morning.

Turquoise Flow 1/100 sec, f/6.3, ISO 400


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