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Andrew is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

His first photographs were taken on 24-exposure rolls of

Kodak film, before transitioning to digital and eventually investing in his first digital SLR camera.

Andrew shoots various types of imagery near his home and

around the world but his passion genre is adventure: 

landscapes, nature - especially the remote and untouched - and lifestyle on the road. This website is an image gallery of his best, with an online store where you can purchase your favourite photos as prints, delivered worldwide to your home (or your friend's).

With half of his weekday hours at an engineering office of

an airplane manufacturer, Andrew spends the rest of his 

time between home and the outdoors - much of it 

shooting or developing digital images.

If you're interested in working together or have a request for a photograph or series - please get in touch at the link below.

Creative ideas and suggestions are also always welcome!

Stay up to date on blog posts, new photos, and other news!
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